Found Again

  Just when I thought I had everything figured out, I started free-falling. Just like a kid with a bag full of candies, all of my wonderful delights started falling one by one. Not knowing how to catch it, I fumbled clumsily with the mess I made. Having absolutely no idea with what just happened, … More Found Again

Dear Mom

Dear Mommy, I’m not sure if I told you this, but it was August 2013 when I decided to come to Dubai. I told one of my mentors back then that I felt like I was growing up without really knowing my mom. You came home twice for at least a month; I came to … More Dear Mom


Everyone needs it, few gets it, a handful wants it. Our lives have now become so achievement based and fast – paced that the idea of rest now seems so foreign to us. We itch whenever we sit down and relax; we feel as if there’s something wrong with us if we’re not working. Our … More REST

Don’t Worry Child

Social media has its pros and cons – one of which is that it brings people from different parts of the world closer, yet makes people in close proximity seem so distant from each other. Some of the posts on social media can either inspire you or make you feel empty. The shallow #goals that it … More Don’t Worry Child

What Makes You Dance

Do you start tapping your feet At the beat of goodness and grace? Twisting and twirling In joy and freedom? Or do you catch yourself Getting entranced by The hypnotic noise of the world Camouflaging itself as A life-giving upbeat vibe Or that sweet and serene Dreamy slow dance Are you swaying With strings attached … More What Makes You Dance