The Prehistorical Modern Family: The Croods

Just a few weeks ago I had the liberty to watch another comical, heart touching, family-focused animated film – The Croods.


The Croods is a comedy adventure of the world’s first ever prehistorical family (that survived) as they set out into the world of the unknown; discovering a world filled with predators, colorful creatures, and everything that they could possibly imagine.

I decided to create a post about this movie because it touches an area of my life which is really very important to me – Family.

When I first saw the trailer I was immediately able to identify myself with Eep and her relationship with her dad, Grug. Eep was starting to get smothered with the way her Dad was trying to just keep them inside the cave, for Grug everything is dangerous – curiosity, staying out of the cave, ideas… and just one day rebellious Eep decided to disobey her Dad, which eventually led to their family embarking on their journey of a lifetime.

Image Image

Downside is if you’re watching the movie with little kids make sure to talk about the movie with them because in the film Eep didn’t get punished. We all know that there are always consequences for ones rebellious acts. I could definitely relate to her because at times we want to do things on our own, not thinking that the reason why our parents try to set rules and standards is because they want the best for us.

Sure, if it wasn’t for Eep going out of the cave, the Croods would all be dead and there would no longer be an epic comical adventure for us to watch, but for me the real hero of the story is Grug. Because as a man and a father, it’s ones responsibility to look out for the family, to protect, and provide for them. The journey for him was difficult and agonizing because of his pride and ego as the family starts to follow and listen to their guide Guy, yet halfway through he humbled himself and accepted ideas from the young man just so he could let his family finish their journey. He even loved his family so much that he was willing to sacrifice his own life just so his loved ones could have a second take in having a better life.

Grug did not only remind me of my parents but it also reminded me of my Heavenly Father, to whom I have rebelled several times, yet because of his unfailing love for me He never quits on me no matter how hard-headed I am.

Apart from the morals of the film, I also liked how the movie was created in a comical way, there was no moment when I wasn’t laughing. Except of course when Dad and Daughter reconciled; it’s definitely a five-star for me


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