Getting Focused

Seoul Express

I never liked taking photos of myself, excluding the moments when I’m feeling vain and would like to take what we now all know as selfies; I don’t know how to properly take photos, and I dislike taking pictures because of my shaky hands.

Bibimbap at Seoul Express

However, since my mom bought my brother a Sony A300 DSLR, my liking to taking photos was ignited; yes that’s right, my brother’s camera. My brother rarely uses it and since I go out more often, I take advantage of using his camera.

Birthday Cake

Taking photos is now something I want to purse, not because everyone is doing it or because I’m trying to be in. I wanted to capture still moments because, I might not be able to see God’s beautiful artwork in the next 30 years or so, I might still see it, but it might be different.


I still don’t know how to manipulate the settings and such and such, but I’m definitely willing to learn, and perhaps buy my own camera in the future.


2 thoughts on “Getting Focused

  1. Hey,
    I’m happy that I was able to share my learning about photography to you. This is your first photo blog and I like it. Not only because of the good shots but the photos above reminds us of the memories we’ve shared together, times when we are out there enjoying God’s beautiful creation. Keep it up!


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