I Was Made For God

The Promise No One Wants
The Promise No One Wants

I recently finished reading the book The Promise No One Wants by Joey Bonifacio. It’s a very moving and powerful book assuring us of God’s more than 6,000 promises in almost every area of our lives.

Although we complain a lot for broken promises, there is one promise that is seldom mentioned and very rarely claimed. The ultimate promise, which holds the key in fulfilling our destinies, yet as the title claims – it is the Promise No One Wants.

The book was really a good read, just to give you a background, the book focused on the life of Joseph and how shaking greatly affects our lives, how God needs to shake off the unnecessary to bring about the greatness in our lives.

This is the first time that I’m sharing something from a book that I’ve read and this is not a review nor am I a book expert or anything, but I would really like to share the most striking lesson, which I’ve learned from this book. I don’t want to spoil the good stuff so I won’t write anything about that unclaimed precious promise that no one wants.

What really struck me was Pastor Joey’s illustration of the paper clip’s design. Yes that’s right a paper clip and would you know what it’s made for? … To clip paper! Mind blowing! But as a kid I could totally relate on how he misused this wonderful tool. I used it as a barrette, screwdriver, and even a nail cleaner. The paper clip was designed to hold paper together, but since I used it against its design, I ended up not only hurting myself (hair fall, and my nails hurt after using it for cleaning), but destroying the clip as an end result .

So what’s the point here? God created us and designed us for a specific purpose. If we don’t live according to our design we end up ruining our lives, hurting our Creator, and ending our lives without having had the opportunity to fulfill our destinies.

Joey Bonifacio is the Regional Director for Asia and Oceania of Every Nation Ministries, a worldwide family of churches and ministries that exists to Honor God by establishing Christ-Centered, Spirit Empowered, Socially Responsible churches and Campus Ministries in every nation. For his blogs visit http://www.joeybonifacio.com


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