Sorry To Disappoint You


I’m not quite sure if every girl in the world had this moment when she goes out with her mom and people are like, “Is that YOUR daughter?? She looks nothing like you!” Or if they’re kind enough they’d say “Oh look, she has your eyes!”

At the airport
At the airport

I was only fourteen when my Mom left the country, to work overseas in search of greener pastures, and to give my brother and I a better life. It had its pros and cons; when you’re a girl, studying in an all girl school, and going through your teenage years, you don’t have a mother to walk you through life, and the only companion you have is your snotty brother and your good ole dad, things will be a little difficult. But I survived it! And after ten years of separation, I flew to the deserts of the Middle East so I can be with her, reestablish my relationship with her, and get to know more about this person who gave me free lodging inside her tummy for nine long months.

But this ain’t a post about teary mother-daughter reunions and all that mushy stuff that people do on reality shows.We did nothing of that. This is a girl’s random thoughts on how people get disappointed when their gorgeous friend’s daughter did not take after her, how shallow and superficial society can be. Upon arriving here, some of my mom’s friends thought I was her housemate or someone completely unrelated to her. I know what they’re thinking, I’m not pretty enough to be her daughter. They all suggested selling my mom beauty and whitening products just so I could reach up to her standards; their standards.

If I was still that acne filled teenager from years back then, my heart would have been completely broken; self-esteem crushed into pieces, and I would have been sitting at the dark corner of the room crying because people are mean.


I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m completely secure, confident, and happy with my dark olive skin (is that even right?). I have double eyelids that some Korean girls are dying to have and I now have a funky burgundy hair that only pale skinned girls can pull off. I might not take after my mom, but even if I don’t look like her, she loves me to bits, and I love her even if I nag her at times. I might be an ugly duckling in their eyes, but in the eyes of my mom, and my creator, I have already turned into a beautiful swan.

Sorry to disappoint you Mom’s friends, but I’m not Rose, I’m Eunice; I only have half of her wonderful genes, the other wonderful half belongs to my Dad. And I’m sorry if I’m not good looking enough for you, I wasn’t born to live up to your expectations. 😀

Eunice out! Peace!


8 thoughts on “Sorry To Disappoint You

  1. “I have double eyelids that some Korean girls are dying to have and I now have a funky burgundy hair that only pale skinned girls can pull off.” This was tough! Haha I like it, too bad you are already secured and in that case you are already beautiful.


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