Music Has No Language

Credits to :)
Credits to 🙂


As a child I remember watching Japanese animated cartoons or anime, dubbed into my language, aired either on weekend mornings or weeknights. What I especially anticipated before and after the show were the opening and ending theme songs. I loved the songs despite the fact that I had no idea what each word meant. I loved the cool guitar sound, that drum beat that made me want to bang my head, the barely audible bass guitar sound, and the kickass vocals.

Although growing up made my musical preferences change, like checking the lyrics first before I add a song on my playlist. I just can’t shake off Japanese music. Don’t get me wrong, I love OPM too (Original Pinoy Music), I loved OPM bands’glory days when I was in high school.  I guess it’s not just the good songs that they make, but the fact that Japanese music played a great part in my childhood.

And before I left my home country, my brother and I started to reminisce our innocent childhood days, which veered me back into Japanese music. I still do my best to research about the lyrics, but I admit that I easily get hooked once I hear that guitar cry, and as nostalgia gets the best of me, here’s Judy and Mary for Samurai X, and my latest addiction One Ok Rock (pronounced as One O’clock).

Sobakasu – Judy and Mary 

Jibun Rock – One Ok Rock

Music brings people together, people from different walks of life, from different culture, they all get along because of music. I can’t explain why I like their songs, and why I’d go to all the trouble to research the lyrics. In the end, my fancy for their music not only moved me to study their language,but learning about their culture made me appreciate my own even more.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to explain why I love their music, I just love music in general. No language or dialect nor cultural barrier can stop that.


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