Write What I Want

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People say that a writer’s block is just a glamorized term; a lame excuse for procrastination – for being lazy. It’s a person’s excuse of  not even putting an effort into churning his creative juices.

What do I say to that? I shake violently and act with a fit of rage,point a finger to whoever said that and say, ”that’s blasphemy!”

That statement actually made me think, for the twenty four years of my life I have discovered that I like getting pressured, that I like to put off activities that should be done today for tomorrow, and that like most students, I love to procrastinate. A really bad habit I admit, and it’s something that I would never be proud of sharing to my grandchildren in the future.

However, as I developed my love for writing; I made a commitment to never procrastinate about it. I developed a goal – to create a piece every single month, to avoid harboring rust and cobwebs on my brain, to just immerse in the wonderful world of serial commas, adjectives, and funny memes that I can add on my material.

But it’s not easy

Photo Courtesy of theartsentrepreneur.com
Photo Courtesy of theartsentrepreneur.com

When my imaginary friends fail me and I can’t come up with anything, I remind myself that I am a writer, a frustrated one, but I am a writer.

With the demands of ‘reality’ taking its toll on me, I will fight for the writer in me.


Photo Courtesy of aiyanajackson
Photo Courtesy of aiyanajackson

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