I Am A Woman

(C) lerablog.org

I am a cradle to those who need comfort
My soothing voice can give warmth even to the coldest hearts

I brave even the strongest storms
To give light to those who are lost in the darkness

My radiant smile can illuminate
The darkest void of man’s heart

I am the thread that holds families and friends together

I am more than just a pretty face,
Which one shows off to different places

I am a book that holds mysteries,
Which no man can ever discover in a lifetime

My heart is filled with love so genuine,
which fears no evil; trust so sincere,
which values relationships more than life;
And faith that can withstand the toughest trials

I hold the key to knowledge,
Which man will never appreciate

My words are vital to life
Filled with wisdom, since before time

I am more precious than diamonds
Priceless beyond the world’s standards

I gave birth to the brightest minds,
the bravest souls, the strongest soldiers,
and the loveliest ladies

I am beyond compare
Unique since I came to be

I am a woman…

Matchless and precious
Beautiful and incomparable
Strong and knowledgeable
Loving and fearless

Created and molded by the mightiest maker


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