A Not So Almost Near Death Experience

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Whenever I watch films that involves accidents or tragedies of some sort, I start to wonder what real life people do when death greets them in the face; what they feel during that moment; and if there’s a chance to have any significant last thoughts.

Lucky me, I’ve had the close opportunity to get those questions answered. I felt a quick sequence of emotions – apathy, panic/shock, happiness, and lastly concern. The experience made me realize that we could never be too sure of anything and that I am absolutely blessed for having been spared.


When you’re doing routine, you’re definitely prepared to have unexpected segues, but not too prepared for a major intrusion. Going out for lunch is definitely part of my routine, but being almost hit by a coaster, definitely not routine.

As I saw the vehicle approach, I was completely apathetic – 100% confident that there’s  no way that the coaster’s driver would ram us. But when the coaster was just a few inches away from where I was sitting, I started to scream, I don’t remember being scared, it’s not even close to panic; I guess I was just shocked as it was my first time to be almost hit by a vehicle. After the near collision I started laughing for almost three minutes – barely non-stop. I’m not sure if that’s happiness, but I’m positive that it’s my physiologic  response to a close call. And lastly, I was concerned, I was sooo worried about the car’s state – whether it got scratched or if there were any dents on the vehicle. Imagine! My life was on the line and I was worried about the car. I completely forgot that I almost “hugged” another vehicle.

I had no idea that the human being has the amazing ability to transition from one emotion to another for such a short period of time!

If asked whether I’d want to sit on the passenger seat again, I’d still say yes. In fact after our lunch I was at the passenger seat. It’s not that I lack concern for my own safety, or I have this blinded trust for my driving friend(s), or I really am just passive. I’m just confident that I am protected no matter what. Life definitely has a lot of uncertainties, but if I would keep myself locked in fear I might miss out on great opportunities. Heck I even consider the view from the passenger seat a great opportunity!

So yeah, that’s my not so almost near death experience, close to a near accident experience I’d say. I know it’s not a laughing matter, and I know some people have had it worse than I did. But I just can’t help but be thankful that I was spared, unscathed.

Photo credits from:       lisybabe.blogspot.com and staceyreid.com


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