To All The Books I’ve Ever Loved Before



You ignited my mind,

And set ablaze a fire in my heart.

With you I traveled the world,

Because of you I met different people.


I went to distant places,

Faced trolls and giants;

Fought wars alongside kings, lions, and small men;

Traversed the skies through a flying carpet and

Tamed dragons and befriended unicorns and fairies.


Trudged the path to destiny

Under the scorching heat of the desert sun

Navigated through the seven seas

And reached the summit of the highest mountain.


I solved mysteries to the most gruesome of crimes,

Yet sometimes a criminal mastermind on the road to redemption.

I welled up during tragedy,

And laughed boisterously at your silliest puns.


I learned magic at school,

Fought for my life with twelve others,

Became an orphan,

And became an angel.


To all the books I’ve ever loved before, I will keep on reading. And one day, maybe just one day I will write my own.


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