The Smell of Paper – Paradise


Modern technology and a fast paced lifestyle has led to the innovation of e-books and Kindle, but unlike the rest of the world I still prefer to read the real thing. The feel of turning page after page, the smell of book bound paper, and the weight of a 350-paged paperback excluding foreword, table of contents and all those other stuff barely read at the end of each story. Holding the real thing just makes me feel giddy and excited all the time. 

My most recent book store experience led me to write about the extreme happiness that the sight of books has caused me. From where I came from, there are book stores everywhere. From one shopping mall to another, whether brand new or second hand, even neighboring subdivisions have books on their garage sales. When I arrived in this city, the nearest book store to my house was nothing compared to the big stores back home. But a new sense of hope reigned on me when I heard of this huge book store. However, the distance, the scorching desert heat, and comments from friends of how long the walk would take forced me to procrastinate and postpone my visit to my elusive paradise.

I’ve decided to shake off the negative comments, wore my most comfortable shoes, and thanked God for the beautiful sun that shines on us all. The walk wasn’t as dreadful as I thought, and as if fate new what I wanted most, I immediately found my destination.

When I entered the store, I felt as if I looked like an idiot. I knew that I had this stupid grin on my face. I wanted to take a photo of ‘my heaven,’ unfortunately photographs weren’t allowed inside the store. Books everywhere! And I wanted to twirl around like a girl dancing under her first snowfall. I would have stayed until closing if it weren’t for personal matters.

Touching one paper back to another, it was such pure bliss. Unwrapped books that let shoppers to read was another plus for me. I enjoyed each page that I read and I was happy to find my sanctuary.

There are probably other bookstores here in the city that I’m not aware of, but I have yet to discover it one day. Being in a book store and going home with a new book in hand is such an achievement for me. The happiness that paper gives me is nothing compared to what an e-book can do. I know e-books are more environment friendly, but I guess I just have to learn to accept them eventually. I guess it’s not really the paper that makes me happy, but the world that I venture into whenever I open a book. Right now, we just have to deal with the fact that I’m old-fashioned and I’m addicted to the smell of paper. 


* By the way if you’re interested to know I went to Book World by Kinokuniya. It’s a Japanese book store with a wide array of books. From literature to fiction, religion and philosophy, comics and manga. You name it! They even have a cafe if you want to take a break from reading. For more about Book World click here



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