After All The Screaming, Crying, Pushing, Bleeding and Stitching

My Newest Playmate!
My Newest Playmate!

With an estimated blood loss of 500 ml, extreme body pain, and permanent body deformation. I could not help but just be amazed with how powerful and simply amazing the female body could be. I could never comprehend the capability of the fragile human body to have another human being.

I have witnessed several childbirths, be it normal delivery or a caesarean section. I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it ALL! And trust me it’s not a delightful sight. It’s not something that you’d like to watch as a replacement to your favorite TV show.

To the normal bystander it definitely is a horrific sight, but to some it’s purely magical; magical because life begetting another is an absolute miracle. A miracle because two lives are at risk during childbirth. The process can make grandmas to-be and fathers to-be holding tight to their arm rests, unsure of what the future holds.

But when all the screaming, crying, pushing, bleeding, and stitching is done. The priceless sight of mother and child takes all the fears away. It’s not mother’s day, but I’m celebrating the birth of a new life with my family.

I salute all the mothers (including my very own) for cradling us within the warmth of their wombs, going through the pains of childbirth (eventually parenthood) and gave us life into this wonderful world. And I welcome all the newborns to this world, as every child brings hope – hope for what great things their generation has to offer for our still under construction world.


2 thoughts on “After All The Screaming, Crying, Pushing, Bleeding and Stitching

  1. Congratulations!!! Is a lovely baby and smiling already XD
    I don’t know yet how is to be a mother but I want for sure and after your description even the pain is just nothing compared to all the happiness.

    I desire all the good things for both and health a lot of health.


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