Let’s Take A Quiz!


A few days ago, out of boredom I have decided to waste my energy to something absolutely productive – play quiz games on the internet.

It was entertaining really. You get to find out some of the things you never knew (or stuff that you never cared for) about FRIENDS, discover how familiar you are with world famous desserts, find out how geographically adept you are, and discover what your subconscious is obsessed with.

It’s fun and it’s not something you’d really take seriously. I mean, it’s great to finally know that the Arabic sweet I ate a few months ago was called Baklava and it came from Turkey, and that a certain dessert I saw on a magazine is called Pavlova (actually named after a famous Russian ballet dancer). It’s also funny how these things guess your age (but they’re not even close) and what’s your favorite color, and what type of personality you have. But it’s also sad that sometimes there are people who rely on these things to help define themselves.

So what am I actually trying to say? Don’t let these internet games define you. Sometimes when we go through stuff we need something to help validate our purpose, and sometimes either by coincidence or through psychological web algorithims the results hit the bull’s eye and we start to believe that “yeah I’m made out for this!” I’m no expert with how these things go but whether or not it’s accurate, I believe that we’re far greater than what the results say.

Our decisions determine our destination – the choices that we make today will help shape our identity. We might not make the correct choices all the time, but how we react to it – whether we decide to move forward from the mistake or not will determine our character.

Maybe life itself is one big quiz – a pop quiz that makes your brain work based on gut feeling if you don’t know the answer, a pop quiz that will determine how much you know, a pop quiz that will test how much you can apply of what you know. The good thing is you don’t have to get an A+, you just need to pass.

WIll you pass or fail? Are you a survivor or a quitter? Do you go with the flow or hold on to your convictions of integrity? You decide, take the quiz.


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