Five Days Left by Julie Lawson Timmer

Five Days Left

After spending almost a year now with my friend at work she has now discovered that reading is my passion and books are my addiction. When she got hold of books that she had no interest in reading, she immediately thought of me. And for that I am absolutely thankful because if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t have read Five Days Left. I almost judged the book by it’s cover, but thankfully a good book always find its way to entice me.

It’s a story of two different people who both have one thing in common – they only have five days left to say goodbye to the ones that they love most. The heroine, Mara Nichols is a successful lawyer, wife, and mother. Calling her an over achiever would be an understatement. She’s always on top of her game, making sure that she’s in control of everything. Then there’s the kind-hearted middle school teacher, Scott Coffmann, who fosters the brother of a very close former student of his, whose mother is serving jail time.

As if fate is playing a trick on them, Mara gets struck by a degenerative disease that has no cure. And Scott who became attached to the child is facing the unknown of one day losing the child who could never be his.

Julie Lawson Timmer made me see the perspective of a person battling an illness. What kind of pain they go through and the biggest fear that they face. I know the fears and the pain that “caretakers” face, but never have I thought of what the sick go through, which the author has greatly expressed through this book. She showed that there’s nothing more painful than knowing that you will leave your loved ones sooner than you have planned. How the perfect life that you imagined would not be so perfect because of an incurable disease.

Through Scott’s life, I saw that not all foster homes are harsh and unloving, unlike what we see in movies and television shows. It’s possible that foster parents can genuinely care and love someone who they are not related to. There is absolute faith left for humanity and it happens.

Five Days Left showed me the two sides of losing a loved one against time and life. It’s a unique story that can touch hearts. This is one story that made me realize even more that we are not in control, it made my heart ache and tear up. But it’s definitely worth the read.

If you want to find out more about Julie Lawson Timmer click here.


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