Thankful For Another Year


Whenever one year ends and another starts, I don’t make resolutions, but instead, I rewind the year and look back at the things that I’m absolutely thankful for. These days we do nothing but complain, and sometimes we take advantage of the simple things and forget to be grateful.

This year, I’m grateful that I have a job. The sun does not always shine in my workplace, but I’m thankful for it. I’m grateful that after a decade, I finally get to spend every waking moment with my mom. We’re both trying to adjust, but not everyone gets to have a second chance with their parents. I’m thankful that my dad is on his way to complete recovery and that he’s getting to know God in his life. I’m grateful for the new found friends that I have met here in the desert; a few good ones who listens to my troubles, understands me during my hormonal rages, and accepts me for who I am. (I just hope that they would still keep me this 2015). I’m thankful that I finally got the opportunity to travel, I know it’s not the first and last. And I’m hoping that this year I would get to explore more.

I’m thankful for my family, for the books that I’m reading, the food that I’m eating, the clothes that I’m wearing, the bed where I’m sleeping, the air that I’m breathing, and the new year that we’re living in. I don’t have much but I know that there’s always something that we could be thankful for. To see another year, another season unfold is already a blessing.

And I’m also thankful that there’s a place called, where I can share my thoughts and experiences. 😉

Nobody’s perfect and I know it would be hard not to complain all the time, but before we even complain. Let’s stop ourselves, pause, and think of that thing that we’re thankful for and we might even forget about complaining.

Happy New Year everyone! And may this year be even better than the last one.


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