The Fallen Saviors

Tagaligtas – a Tagalog word which means “savior.” But for the Philippines, this not only pertain to one person, but to the entire Special Action Force (SAF) of the Philippine National Police.

A few days ago, my country has once again faced another tragedy. Forty four of the SAF (some say fifty) have fallen in the hands of heartless, remorseless, purely evil rebels. As soon as I discovered the news about it, I started to veer away from news channels. I couldn’t count on myself to finish an entire newsclip. I’d cover my ears and forced myself to sleep when I heard the speech of one of the widows of the slain. I even hated looking at my Facebook news feed because of the numerous posts from friends and news pages. I couldn’t even add a photo about them or their insignia. It was cruel for me, it again reminded me of the Maguindanao massacre, the unarmed army men who were ambushed, and now this. My heart breaks when I think that this is no longer a battle of radical Islamist rebels against Christians. This is a battle of Filipino against Filipino. Brother slaying brother.

The injustice that took place overwhelmed me, and whenever I think about I can’t help but think. Why won’t the government just bomb the entire place to eradicate the rebels? All I thought of the entire day was how unfair it was. Those brave warriors for my country died and I’m not even sure if it was worth it. And then everyone else enters the scene playing Pontius Pilate, some people just shrugs them off as if someone’s phone just died – no big deal.

I was bitter and annoyed with the rebels, and the government. If I had supernatural powers I’d strike them with lightning, drown them in flood water, shoot them a thousand times, and when they’re dead I’d follow them to the Underworld and kill them again. (Yeah I know what you’re thinking: Scary violent psycho in the making!!)

My day would have ended full of hate, anger, annoyance, bitterness with the world, and full of daydreaming fantasy of how an atomic bomb fell on the rebels’ home base, if not for one post from a friend of mine, I would have completely lost faith in humanity. Her post made me think and thank heavens it did.

Sometimes we wish that we could just take vengeance in our own hands, but after that would we feel any better? Would the lives of the lost be reclaimed? Would we be any different from the merciless rebels? Sometimes we tend to think that fairy tales aren’t correct; good doesn’t always win, evil does. Evil might think that it’s winning, but it won’t. One day justice will be served.

I’d like to share this passage …he will avenge the blood of his servants; he will take vengeance on his enemies…
and then there’s another one
…leave room for God’s wrath for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay.”

I can only pray and ask God for justice, and for Him to comfort the hearts of those who mourn.

To the son, brother, father, husband, and friend who have fallen I salute you. Thank you for laying down your life for our country, for millions of strangers. You will forever be our heroes.


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