The Girl Who Sat by the Ashes by Padraic Colum

157771801.0.m I now remember when I first laid eyes on this book. I was in high school, and I wasn’t planning to take this one home. I wanted to borrow A Little Princess, but somehow the cover of the book was intriguing. It was starting to fall apart and I wondered if anyone even bothered to read it. But as someone who was trying hard to be immersed to the world of classics I decided to take the plunge.

But after a few years, I completely forgot about this book (what a shame!). It was only last year when someone tagged me on Facebook to make my Top 10 book list. Top 10. Top 10! That was crazy! How can anyone just limit my world to a mere top 10? But anyway, because of that list I started to rummage my brain and tried so hard to recall all the books I’ve read. It was frustrating for me not to remember the book I’ve read, it’s like forgetting a part of your life. I even asked one of my high school batchmate if she remembers a Cinderella themed story found in our school library. I can only remember that the book was really old, falling apart, and the cover of the book has a girl sitting right next to a fireplace.

Thanks to my visual memory and more thanks to Google. I was reunited to The Girl Who Sat by the Ashes (I honestly thought that it was The Girl Who sat by the Cinders). It was Padraic Colum’s Cinderella version. It was a short book, yet it’s simplicity is not void of depth. This is probably the version that I like best. It’s not your typical peasant girl immediately falls for the prince during the first dance. It shows us that not all girls are damsels in distress that needs to be rescued, who easily gets swooned by the knight in shining armor. The maiden knows her worth and the prince has to know that. He has to understand that he needs to make sacrifices to win her. Find shoes, fight giants, and care for dogs to win her.

A classic in a classic, this will not bore you to death and make you wish that there was more.

*Padraic Colum was an Irish poet, novelist, and children’s story author born on 1881.


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