It’s World Book Day!!!


Is there such a thing?

Yes it’s for real. Today, 5th of March 2015 is UNESCO’s World Book Day. A celebration that has been happening for eighteen years, where children (most specially) are encouraged to read. This day is a day of honor for authors, illustrators, and books. Its is a day to celebrate the wonders of reading.

For me this is really a day to celebrate, a day to celebrate reading, to celebrate my literary heroes, to celebrate the people who shared their heart and soul through their craft. World Book Day encourages children all over the world to read, giving them the opportunity to explore worlds beyond what they could imagine.

This day makes me feel giddy inside, reminding me of the first batch of books I read, as a child (imagine Disney illustrated classics) the first batch of books that ignited my passion to read.

Let us all encourage the young ones to read, make them discover the authors we love and the authors that they will love in the future.

Cheers to reading! And Happy World Book Day!

If you want to know more about WBD click here.


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