Daily Life

So I’ve been down with the flu for two days now, and being stuck at home makes me appreciate the sight I see everyday. You know, the small stuff that we take for granted. Like that bridge, or sidewalk, or that building. It’s regular stuff for me, but for people who have never been in this city it could be something else.

I was actually inspired by A Opinionated Man to do this blog, I wanted to join his challenge but couldn’t get the time to do so.

Last week, I decided to take photos of my usual sight going to work, and now that I can only see it from our balcony, I’m kinda starting to miss that five minute walk to the bus stop.

The photos aren’t much, and I was supposed to take a photo of the bus and the place where I get off, perhaps I’d save that for later.

Anticipating the arrival of my bus
Helpful bus stop especially during the looong summer
The Clock Tower – taken during the sandstorm or just blurry because of my cam
View from the footbridge


Whether it’s a place, a person or a thing, we should never take stuff for granted. Our lives are fleeting and we should make the most out of it and appreciate every bit of it.

* All photos are taken at Al Maktoum Road, Deira, Dubai

If you want to check out OM’s blog – Harsh Reality click here. 🙂


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