Judging A Book By Its Cover


I confess…

I confess that I have not been impartial
I confess that I have been prejudiced towards certain colors
I confess that I didn’t give some of them a chance
I confess that I broke some promises – promise to get back to them but never did
I confess that their names mattered more to me than the content of what they would tell me
I confess that I’ve let some good ones pass by
I confess that I have been uneasy of letting new ones into my life

Truth is, I can’t love all of them

I have loved the ones who shaped minds
There were those who made the gears in my head turn
There were some who made an impact for a better generation
There were some who brought me to places beyond my mind could comprehend
I loved them because they encouraged hope and creativity

Unfortunately I can’t say that it’s true for everyone.

Perhaps I was wrong and I’ve fallen for my own self-righteousness.

But I guess I’m like everyone else – I judged a book.

Photo © Shutterstock


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