It Was Never About The Bunnies


Growing up in a dominantly Catholic nation, I’ve always dreaded the coming of Easter. The entire holy week for me was the saddest week of my life because it means – no cartoons on TV, not even variety shows, no boy bands on the radio… everything was just so gloomy and downcast.

When cable arrived in our household, I got acquainted with Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney Channel. Through those channels, I got “educated” that there are two ways to celebrate Easter. And that people in the west actually have more fun celebrating the gloomy holy week. That ignited me to conclude that people from the west celebrate Easter differently. It’s like a celebration tailor-fit for kids where they have fun with treats, while ours is more on the solemn, serious, and reflective side.

But there’s something wrong in this picture. We’re both doing it wrong. Why? Because most of us don’t even know why we’re celebrating it. It’s true that we should celebrate but celebrate for what? It’s true that we should reflect, but reflect on what?

Just like Christmas, Easter has become a commercialized holiday with everyone following suit because of tradition.

Let this sink in for a moment. Jesus accepted the lowest form of death – to be hung on the cross so he can bear our sins. He sacrificed himself and took our place so that death could not hold us down.
He suffered and bore our sin and shame yet on the third day he rose again.He overcame the grave for our salvation.

It’s true that the Easter Egg symbolizes the empty tomb of Jesus, but Easter isn’t just about eggs or bunnies or putting on a long face for tradition’s sake. It’s about the love of God and what His only Son did on the cross for us. It’s how Jesus died for us and rose again so we could be set free.

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