A Day To Celebrate Siblings


I can’t actually remember when the National Siblings Day started, and I honestly could not remember celebrating the event as a kid. So I googled it and discovered that Siblings Day was pioneered by Claudia Evart as a way to celebrate our siblings, but she originally conceived it in honor of the memories of her siblings who have passed on. April 10th marked this day of celebration in honor of her late sister’s birthday.


Her cause and the reason behind it made me realize how we casually forget the importance of our siblings. Imagine, we have been with these people since the day we were born (except for first borns). We have shared both good and bad times with them, happy and sad moments, funny and corny jokes, stupid and profound realizations. I don’t want to wait until either one of us goes. I don’t want to wait for a sad moment for me to celebrate and remember my sibling. I don’t want to laugh at the stupid things we did, the corny jokes he cracked, or the surprisingly “words of wisdom” that he offered me.


So I want to take this time to honor my one and only brother. I thank God that he gave you as my brother. If I didn’t have you, we wouldn’t be the perfect 10, chocolate would be dull without milk, and I wouldn’t have developed an amazing skill of being passive to bullying. Thanks for being a weirdo, because your weirdness did not make me feel alone. Thanks for letting me take care of you. Thanks for letting me hold your arm even when you think it’s embarrassing. And lastly thank you for being my punching bag haha! Seriously, thank you for putting up with your grumpy big sis. I nag you all the time but I never heard a word from you except “meow” (told you, you’re a weirdo). You will never be my brotha from another motha, despite people’s question if we’re really related, you will always be my brother from the same mother (and father).

I will always have amazing girlfriends, but you’ll always be my bestest bud. I would forever be thankful to God that I have you as a brother. We’ll be the strongest duo this world has ever known because of the craziest storm we braved together. When the rest of the world knew what was going on except for you and me, and when the world started to crash down on me, you… just being there made life so much bearable.


I love you to bits and I will see you soon. And if you annoy me I will crush you! Teehee! 😉

If you want to know more about the National Siblings Day and its cause click here.


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