Celebrating Life


On the 16th of May our dear friend celebrated her birthday – the day she came to be; that day when the heavens clapped for joy at the birth of another beautiful being. That special day when the heavens opened another chapter in their books and wait expectantly for what is in store for her.

Sometimes, people just tend to brush off birthdays as if it’s just another ordinary day. Another day to cross off from our calendar. Family traditions vary on how a birthday is celebrated, and when our upbringing tell us that there’s nothing special about that day, then that’s how we will see our birthdays for the days to come.

But last weekend, as our dear friend shared her heart’s desires, I discovered that every being has this longing to be celebrated and encouraged, subconscious or not. That day was extra special, because for us, it marked the beginning of our sisterhood. The beginning of a lifelong journey towards eternity, where we will walk hand in hand and brave the storms of life together.


To my dear Joann, may the desires of your heart be fulfilled. May you be granted the opportunity to explore the world and discover things beyond your imagination. May you continue to be content with God’s overflowing blessings yet ambitious to achieve even greater things.

Cheers to our sisterhood! And more book bonding days together 😉

Photo (c) Shutterstock


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