The Lonely Road Less Traveled


“Life is difficult” – M. Scott Peck MD

Life really is difficult, especially when everyone else takes easy street. Sometimes people choose to do the easy thing rather than the right thing. At that point, living a life of integrity gets hard when you see that everyone else around you shuts their eyes while they let their hands do the dirty work.

But I guess that’s what makes life challenging. When everyone else starts to crumble, starts to settle, there are some who take the risk and rise up. Sometimes the path could be cold and lonely, but we keep up with our resolve. We stand our ground and keep on going. We trudge along the path not taken, but it’s not lonely because there are other people who also chose to take the road less traveled.

Maybe I take life too seriously. Perhaps I’m overly critical or I just have issues. But I guess I should take off my head phones and start enjoying the journey with people who took the path with me. There’s still a glimmer of hope that I could see, and it’s waiting at the end of the trail. No matter how challenging it might be, I’ll keep on walking, I might even run! I won’t go back, I refuse to.

I’ve chosen to take the road less traveled, and it’s not so bad.

Photo (c) Shutterstock Galyna Andrushko


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