Awaken The Dry Bones


I can still remember that time when I kept in my heart my dream. That seemingly impossible dream that only five-year-olds could think of, but because of my youth and intentions I know that it will happen. That even if the odds are against me I’m going to keep on believing for my dreams.

But sometimes life gets us. We just stop believing.

Once we’ve stepped out of the four corners of our classroom and we get a taste of “real life.” We start to think that dreams are for the young, the highly ambitious, the naive, and the rich. When the bills start coming in, a family member gets sick, words are uttered, or a calamity hits, we forget about our dreams and tuck it away in the deepest cupboard in our hearts. It becomes forgotten and devoid of life. And the once nourished dream that we had turn into dry bones.

But you know real life isn’t as real as we see it. There’s something even more real than the real life that we have. I think there’s nothing more real than the words of the living God. He said that he will cause breath to enter those dry bones and it shall live.* When I heard those words my dreams came back to life.

I then realized that I was making an excuse; making myself believe that wearing grown up shoes should mean that I should stop dreaming. My lack of faith robbed me of the chance to keep on believing for the great plans that God has for me.  If he says that my dry bones will come to life I will declare that it will come to life. Maybe one day you’ll see my dreams come to life, and when you do, it won’t be skeletons dressed with cobwebs. It’s going to be full of life and color.

*Read more about the Valley of the Dry Bones in Ezekiel 37:1-14 ESV

Photo (c) Shutterstock – Tewan Banditrukkanka


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