Yes, I Came From An All-Girl School


Ever wonder what goes on inside a preteen’s head who’s about to transfer to an all girl school? Well, let me give you a quick tour: Oh no I’m so scared, my palms are dripping like a faucet. What if I don’t make friends? I’ll be friendless forever! Oh my God! I don’t know how to pray for long hours! I still get the prayers jumbled! There’s so many of them! I’m so fat I won’t have friends! Oh Lord!!!! (Makes friends with the girl sitting right next to me – Antoinette that was you).

To an outsider this is how we were seen, or how our world was viewed: noisy, English-speaking brats, caged in by tons of rules longer than the 10 Commandments.

But for me, for us, it was home; where we discovered ourselves, and had the complete freedom to be the “pretty young things” that we were. It was an awesome place where young girls go through their awkward stage, without feeling awkward about it because, well… we’re all girls and we know just exactly what each one was going through.

And in my defense, we’re noisy because we’re all girls (duh). We know how to keep quiet, but just don’t expect us to be as prim and proper as the girls you’ve read about in Classic Literature. And we speak English because we have to, especially if our English teacher is lurking around the corner (English campaign policy which I tried, I swear I tried, to take seriously).

There weren’t any bullies in my batch. Seriously! There were the classy girls, the popular ones, the athletic ones, and the smart kids, but I don’t remember if there were mean girls. Yes, there were the rebellious ones, but none of them ever crossed the line of bullying another kid (at least none that I know of). There was also the usual bullying your friend, (no actual harm done), which I think everyone is guilty of.

I wasn’t as outgoing as the rest of the class. And I’m probably the student that the teacher could not remember. I was just that quiet kid, sitting in the corner, cutting my split ends during class hours, and enjoying every minute of recess.

I never got to take care of the relationships I made back then, and to be honest I’m a bit jealous of the other girls who kept their friendships until now. But despite that I’m thankful that they made me part of their circle. I’m grateful that they accepted me for my quietness and weirdness.

I can’t believe that it’s been ten years since I graduated from high school. And if I would have the chance to live it all over again. I’ll probably make better choices, but I’d still choose to go to an all girl school.

Bottom row fifth from the left, that's me. Too bad I don't have a photo of us in our uniforms
Bottom row fifth from the left, that’s me. Too bad I don’t have a photo of us in our uniforms

Yes, I was scared for the first few hours, but that’s how everyone go through life. We fear the unknown, and once we’ve overcome our irrational fear of the unknown we laugh at ourselves and realize how stupid we were. I was scared for just a few hours, but I loved every single minute of my all-girl life.


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