It’s Alright To Laugh


Turn that frown upside down and flash me your brightest smile.

I know you have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and responsibilities to fulfill, but you only have one life to live.

No, I’m not telling you to live recklessly, splurge on things, forget about your family, and give your heart to everyone and end up with nothing left for yourself.

What I want to say is – it’s okay.

You can laugh, you can jump, you can even dance if you want to.

Wipe those tears away and let loose. We have no control of everything.

Appreciate the small things, laugh at the corniest joke, and shake off the negative things that surround you.

All of us will always fall short and the more that we strive to be perfect, the harder it would be for us.

We’re already perfect in His eyes. So you don’t have to strive.

Whenever you strive, the joy in your heart gets sapped out and it shows.

So be the light to everyone else, laugh your heart out, and if things don’t go your way and problems arise. Just remember that He’s watching over and He’ll see you through.

Who doesn’t love that sweet sound of laughter?

Photo (c) Photopin


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