There’s More To Life Than Getting A Hundred Likes

Technology has advanced, the mode of communication enhanced, and talent shows are scouting every city to see gifted people who neither have the connection nor the means to get their break. Intentions were good and the motive of the people behind it meant well or if they wanted profit for their business they did great.

Unfortunately, what was meant to be used for our convenience ended up becoming our worst nightmare. Reality shows, talent shows, and social media have turned us to attention-seeking, fame-hungry drones that if our website traffic isn’t high enough, or if our video didn’t reach thousands of views, or if our photos didn’t get enough likes we end up frantically stressing what’s wrong with us.

We toss and turn at night thinking of what’s wrong with us. We stay up all night thinking of what we should do next to get noticed. We try to up our game and be excellent as possible just so we get seen. We change our faces, change our entire being because people don’t notice us if we stay true to ourselves.

Because of the desire to be accepted we have to know, watch, see, and follow a certain someone, because everyone else adores them. We need to have the latest gadgets not because we need it, but because we have to be cool. We’re afraid that people would think that we live under a rock if we don’t know the latest or don’t have the latest; we’re afraid that people wouldn’t approve of us if we’re content with our lives.

We’re trying to live our lives wanting to be seen, wanting to be accepted by people who wouldn’t even be there when we’re in need. We’re trying so hard to impress people who we don’t even like. It was supposed to make our lives easier and convenient. But I guess our self-imposed standards made it more difficult for us.

If you’re reading this and you feel like you’re lost because all your life you’ve been seeking acceptance and approval from the world. It’s not too late to get back up, there is a way.

God has a great purpose for all of us and I don’t think begging for likes on social media is all that He has for us.


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