No Looking Back


2015 passed by like a whirlwind. We were anticipating it’s arrival the year before, but when it ended it felt like we were not able to savor each and every second of the last 365 days.

Yet despite that I can truly say that there are lots of things that I’m truly grateful for. Though there were gifts and blessings, there are still some things that need not to be remembered.

The hurts of the past and the failures that we experienced – all these things need to be buried or thrown away. We do not need the unnecessary baggage. Let’s remove the heavy load and move forward with our lives.

Let the challenges mold us and strengthen us, remember the wonderful memories that shaped us, but let’s not dwell on the old things. And move forward with our lives.

Let’s be excited with what 2016 has to offer us!

Photo (c) Shutterstock/lzf

Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past (Isaiah 43:18 NIV)


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