The Third Year Curse



So yesterday, I received my Third Year Anniversary notification and I have never felt so disappointed. I should be happy because after three years I’m still here whether or not I have audience. I was disappointed because I’ve been experiencing an intense slump both in terms of reading and blogging.

There’s one book that I’ve been reading since November and I still did not get the chance to finish it because I have a lot of excuses.

I had so many things going on in my head and I just can’t wait to express it in writing, unfortunately I haven’t made one single post since January.

I call my situation the “third year curse.“I was reminded of what we call couples in their third year who end up failing in their relationship because of trials, misunderstandings, and arguments. It’s during the third year when a lot of this happen. Most of them overcome the critical third year but there are some who choose to fail in this area rather than fight for it.

So what did this impress on me? I don’t believe in curses, I believe that it’s real life with real problems and the choices that we make. The people who failed in their relationships chose to end it because it was their solution. Some people chose to fight for their relationship and fix the problem.

So is this about relationships? Well, No. I strayed from what I was going to say, but it’s about choices. I was being lazy and I chose to procrastinate rather than read and write. I chose mediocrity rather than excellence. I chose to lie in my bed rather than enjoy the awesome Dubai winter weather and now that summer’s coming I won’t be able to explore and show you my city.

I chose to bottle up my thoughts instead of writing them down in this little page of mine.

I should fight for my relationship with wordpress. LOL! But seriously, I should fight for knowledge, for writing, for reading, and for making the right choices.

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