A Series of Unfortunate Events – The Vile Village by Lemony Snicket


The Vile Village is the seventh installment of Lemony Snicket’sA Series of Unfortunate Events.” It’s the adventure of the three Baudelaire orphans -Violet, Klaus, and Sunny. As they find their new home and escape the clutches of Count Olaf who has been trying to get his hands on the enormous fortune that was left by their parents.

This book is not for the faint of heart. It’s not your typical children’s book with all the rainbows and sunnies. After seven books, they have been abandoned and lives were lost. The Baudelaires have been sent from one foster home to another, and this time not just one family is going to look after them, but an entire village. Would the village be welcoming? Can they finally find peace in their new home? Will they finally find their new home? And will Count Olaf and his accomplices finally be thrown to jail? Or will justice once again be elusive?

Their story is too much to bear,yet addicting. You want to stop,but you want to know what’s going to happen next.

If you don’t like sad stories or unfortunate events involving children then don’t even bother reading. But if you’d like to know what happens to the orphans just keep reading. If you want to know more about the unfortunate events click here.

You can also know more about the “Afflicted Author” on the same site.

Note: I had a hard time finishing this book because I was getting tired of the tragedy the orphans were facing, but I must finish it in order to move on to the next. Also, I was inspired to make the review because of #GNBookClub by the Gulf News when they asked what book I’m currently reading. So thank you so much Gulf News for the inspiration. You can follow @gulf_news for their headlines. 🙂


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