Just Another Mom Post

Half of me is because of you Moms (parents) weren’t designed to be our friends. From the very moment that we came out into the world they started to wear their grown-up shoes and played the role of the loving yet authoritative figure in our lives – not to pretend as our grown-up friend.

We’ve had our moments when we idolized our Moms and bragged at 1st grade of how delicious her spaghetti was. Or that time when we started complaining to our girl friends in high school of how she nags a lot. Or when you shared to your college peers that you just don’t get her.

Some of us might have had their love-hate relationship with their Moms, but bottomline is no matter how bratty we’ve become they still love us and wants the best for us.

Imagine all the stuff that she has done for us (and keeps on doing) over the years

She wakes up early to make breakfast, prepares your lunch, and even if she’s dead tired at work she still makes dinner.

She cries the hardest when you cry and she’s in more pain when you’re in pain.

To your embarrassment she cheers the loudest during your school performance even though you played schoolgirl number 5 and was gone after one scene.

She washes your chocolate-stained white shirt and makes it like new again, and then you decide to spill chocolate on that shirt again as if it’s no big deal.

She cried after your very first argument and even asked God what she did wrong. When in reality you were just being the selfish kid oozing with teenage angst. (If you’re no longer a teenager and argued with your Mom then you probably just blurted out words without thinking).

She still wants to hold your hands and hug you even when you’re no longer her little girl (or boy).

She will always be your lifetime BFF and she won’t ever stab your back. Even if you have hundreds of friends and after a heated argument, she will never turn her back on you.

She cares about what you look like and encourages you to dress your best. She loves you so much that she doesn’t want you to go out looking like an idiot.

She’s worried that you’re still not married at the age of 25 not because she thinks you’re a spinster in the making, but because she’s concerned that no one will look after you the way that she does when she’s no longer around 😦

This is not a list of all the amazing things that Moms have done for us, because there are thousands – gazillions of amazing things that they can do and the list is just endless. So to all the Moms out there (especially to mine) cheers to you for raising complicated children like us and never giving up since day one (day one of conception).

My lovely Mom 🙂 

So why don’t you give your Mom a hug or give her a phone call and tell her how much you appreciate her.


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