From U-belt to the Middle East



Over the years, several women have mentored me and helped shape me to fulfill the purpose that God has for my life. They helped me discover that I was made for greater things. They helped break wrong mindsets, emotions, and beliefs that I’ve cradled in my heart.

As the eldest child, I’ve had this notion that I needed to be strong. That I should never show any sign of weakness and never let them know that I’m vulnerable. Asking help was never an option; asking help was equivalent to failure.

All that changed when I found my life suddenly being drawn to the cross.

But the path to change wasn’t easy. I mean how could I just let go of my pride and let everyone see that I too am imperfect? How can I just let go of my grip and let someone else take control of my life? It was hard, it was tough, sometimes shame gets me, but I was grateful that there were women who genuinely cared for me. They were women who taught me that it’s okay to ask for help, that it’s okay to cry when you’re hurt, that it’s okay to get mad or frustrated. And that when I start to feel all those things, when I get to feel burdened by all of it, I should lay it all down to God – lay down my concerns on Him because He will lift my burdens and give me peace.

Those are just some of the things that I’ve learned from them, and over the course of time I’ve learned that asking help is not a bad thing and Accountability matters! Especially if I desire to finish this race, I need women who would not only run along side me but women who will coach me to finish strong and fight the good fight.

From U-belt to the Middle East, God never failed to give me people who encourages me, corrects me, loves me, and genuinely cares for me. For that, I am thankful.


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