Away From The City

away from the city


If you feel like you just want to take a break, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but don’t really want to leave, and you want to up your staycation game, then I highly recommend JA Hatta Fort Hotel.

Just a few hours drive away, going to this Dubai Mountain Resort will make you feel like you’ve traveled to a neighboring country.

This roundabout sure caught my attention


Their chalet style rooms make you feel like you stayed in a cabin in the Swiss Alps.

HFH02HFH03HFH07image (9)

image (8)

image (31)
Mom and I enjoying a cup of coffee

We did not do any mountain climbing but we did get a chance to trek atop Hatta Fort’s very own Al Raha Hill.


826 ft high and you already have an amazing view.


image (30)
My sincerest apologies for our faces

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner all are served at their Jeema Restaurant (their other dining facility, Cafe Gazebo is currently under renovation during our stay).


Their restaurant has that homey feel, staff was nice, and their food was great. I highly recommend that you give their Penne Carbonara a try.

You do have the chance to cool off at two of their outdoor pools. They also have a Mini Golf course, Tennis Court, Jogging Trail, and Archery area.


I’m lousy (lazy) when it comes to taking photos and did not get to take shots of the entire property so if you’d like to check their rooms and facilities click here.






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