Conquering Your Giants



This is a post that I originally published last April, had it removed and then decided to put it back again. 

So imagine yourself retiring to your dream country or city and everything would be absolutely free. No visas, no fear of being denied, no residency years to complete, dream house provided, just name it! But here’s the catch –  upon arrival at your destination an octagon ring is setup. You must compete with hundreds of Chris Weidmans and Ronda Rouseys before you become a citizen of your paradise. Seeing the situation that you’re about to get yourself into you’d probably say, “no thanks!” Sure, you get to stay in your dream retirement place, but you didn’t want to live there as a vegetable. Afraid of what might happen, you’d rather go home than face and fight the giants.

That’s probably the same thing that the Israelites felt when they were out to conquer their promised land. The spies that Moses sent came back with an awesome report of the place – it really is a land flowing with milk and honey. But we can’t live there. They have fortified cities and giants, there’s just no way we can beat them.

Despite all the fear and grumbling one man stood out from the rest. His name is Caleb, a man who trusted God wholly, and believed in his heart that all God’s promises to His people will be fulfilled. Let me share with you three points that we can learn from Caleb’s faith to help us conquer the giants in our own lives.

1. See your situation from God’s perspective
Caleb had a different spirit, it says in Numbers 14:24 “…my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly.” We can have a spirit like everyone else’s or have a different spirit – God’s spirit. We can see things the way everyone else does or we can see things the way God does. You see, God has an amazing knack at turning all of our experiences whether good or bad to testimonies. So instead of allowing fear, frustration, doubt, shame, bitterness, and anger rule over us, let’s ask God to empower us to see the things the way He does. I know, easier said than done, but remember, we can do ALL THINGS through Christ who gives us strength.*

2. Follow God Wholly
Even when everyone else was fearful and on their heels and ready to return to their old lives, Caleb wholly followed the Lord. His commitment to the Lord was not impartial, he was not devoted to God only when he felt like it, or when he’s at a worship service, or at a small group, or when everything was okay. He was wholly committed to God. Like Caleb, we should have undivided devotion to God whether in good times or bad times, abundance or lack, and when they are with us or against us. Even Jesus told us to love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.*

3. Receive the promise in God’s time
Caleb was 40 years old when Moses asked him to spy out on the Promised Land, and it took 45 years after for God’s promises to be fulfilled. Imagine! He’s almost 90 and yet he still took hold of the promise. Sometimes we get impatient when things don’t happen in our own pacing, but God’s time is the best timing. He’s never too late and never too early – He’s always on time. You might not be able to comprehend your situation right now, but know that God works for the good of those who love Him.*

If there’s a promise from God that you’re holding on to right now, ask God to increase your faith and trust in His timing. Ask for him to strengthen you and empower you to see things the way he does, and ask for the grace to not be swayed by your situation and lose sight of the great promise He has in store for you.

Photo (c) Shutterstock 

This lesson has been provided by Victory Philippines for discipleship purposes. 

*Philippians 4:13
*Matthew 22:37
*Romans 8:28


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