Between Oceans and Mountains


Hi Masbate! You’re absolutely stunning. Beyond Words.


Life really is simple with you – staying with you makes a person appreciate the little things that we take for granted.


It’s quite unfortunate that we met during this time.


I feel like I’d like to see you again, but at the same time I don’t because of the pain that it may cause me.


The fresh air that you offered me and the numerous greens that you presented me; should have been enough to bring great joy in my heart. Yet the thought of you makes my heart throb in pain.


It’s not like you did something unpleasant to me. It’s like a love-hate relationship that I can’t explain.


Or maybe because you’re unknown territory to me, but for him you’re home. His home that he never really left – the only place he considered home where he will forever slumber.


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