Nice isn’t only in France, it can also be found in the last four letters of E-U-N-I-C-E.

The Nice talking to you right now is located somewhere in the Middle East; works from Sundays-Thursdays, and consumes crazy amount of coffee.

Her longest relationship is with her iphone3g, and plans to keep the relationship until someone slaps her and tells her that things will no longer work out.




I know I’m not the only one who has a lot going on in their heads. That’s probably the reason why blogging has become a thing. I was never good with expressing myself through speech, but what I could not express through spoken word, I express through writing. I’ve always loved to write and when everyone else in my class hated making cards for their parents, I could not wait to write the longest I love you novel card for them.




I love to read! I don’t exactly know when it started but I suppose my passion for reading was fueled when we started book reports in the 4th grade. There are times when I make reviews of the book that I’ve read, because I’d like to share what joy reading brings.




When I was still based in Manila, I thought that traveling is only for the rich and privileged. Moving to Dubai opened doors and opportunities for me to explore the world, one city at a time.



So when I’m not daydreaming, reading, or wandering off somewhere. I spend time with my mom, drink coffee with friends, walk with women in the faith, and continue to live the purpose-filled life that was made for me.


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