Falling Forward

Falling Forward means to look at life’s setbacks and learning from the mistakes. … More Falling Forward



I’ve always looked forward to summer breaks when I was a child. I always get excited with all the fruits that I get to eat during this season, the chance to go to the beach or any water park, going to another province, sleeping in late.. the list of the things I love about summer is … More Summer

The Third Year Curse

  So yesterday, I received my Third Year Anniversary notification and I have never felt so disappointed. I should be happy because after three years I’m still here whether or not I have audience. I was disappointed because I’ve been experiencing an intense slump both in terms of reading and blogging. There’s one book that I’ve been … More The Third Year Curse

There’s More To Life Than Getting A Hundred Likes

Technology has advanced, the mode of communication enhanced, and talent shows are scouting every city to see gifted people who neither have the connection nor the means to get their break. Intentions were good and the motive of the people behind it meant well or if they wanted profit for their business they did great. Unfortunately, what … More There’s More To Life Than Getting A Hundred Likes

One Kind Word

Sometimes, life’s troubles can get the best of us. No matter how strong we are, when we constantly get bombarded with a lot of negativity, we eventually dissolve. But one word makes a difference, One small act of kindness can turn things around. You’ll never know how one small word of encouragement can mend a … More One Kind Word