So why this random thought about sorry? I have recently come to a realization that our society today has been so obsessed of looking so cool and bad ass that whenever we offend or hurt someone we shake it off as if it’s no big deal. That saying sorry is for losers or for … More S-O-R-R-Y

No Looking Back

2015 passed by like a whirlwind. We were anticipating it’s arrival the year before, but when it ended it felt like we were not able to savor each and every second of the last 365 days. Yet despite that I can truly say that there are lots of things that I’m truly grateful for. Though … More No Looking Back

There’s More To Life Than Getting A Hundred Likes

Technology has advanced, the mode of communication enhanced, and talent shows are scouting every city to see gifted people who neither have the connection nor the means to get their break. Intentions were good and the motive of the people behind it meant well or if they wanted profit for their business they did great. Unfortunately, what … More There’s More To Life Than Getting A Hundred Likes

One Kind Word

Sometimes, life’s troubles can get the best of us. No matter how strong we are, when we constantly get bombarded with a lot of negativity, we eventually dissolve. But one word makes a difference, One small act of kindness can turn things around. You’ll never know how one small word of encouragement can mend a … More One Kind Word

The Fallen Saviors

Tagaligtas – a Tagalog word which means “savior.” But for the Philippines, this not only pertain to one person, but to the entire Special Action Force (SAF) of the Philippine National Police. A few days ago, my country has once again faced another tragedy. Forty four of the SAF (some say fifty) have fallen in … More The Fallen Saviors

Losing Sleep

All night long, I stare blankly at the ceiling Waiting for that glorious moment to arrive I toss and turn Try to close my eyes Still waiting for you to arrive I have tried to soothe myself with music I have counted hundreds and thousands of sheep I tried to bore myself with books But … More Losing Sleep