I’ve always looked forward to summer breaks when I was a child. I always get excited with all the fruits that I get to eat during this season, the chance to go to the beach or any water park, going to another province, sleeping in late.. the list of the things I love about summer is … More Summer

The Joy of Reading

  A few weeks ago, Gulf News released their Ramadan special, asking their readers what books they wished to read and what they’d like to recommend to other people. I was one of the featured readers and for someone who LOVES to read my excitement could barely be contained, just thinking of the bucket-load of … More The Joy of Reading


  So why this random thought about sorry? I have recently come to a realization that our society today has been so obsessed of looking so cool and bad ass that whenever we offend or hurt someone we shake it off as if it’s no big deal. That saying sorry is for losers or for … More S-O-R-R-Y

No Looking Back

2015 passed by like a whirlwind. We were anticipating it’s arrival the year before, but when it ended it felt like we were not able to savor each and every second of the last 365 days. Yet despite that I can truly say that there are lots of things that I’m truly grateful for. Though … More No Looking Back

What’s Your Love Language?

Every Tuesday nights, I hang out with a small group of friends and we call it our Tuesdate(s). We spend the evening catching up with each other, building up one another, listening to one another, and encouraging each other. We all have different backgrounds, different personalities, different upbringing, but we all love each other no matter what our differences … More What’s Your Love Language?